European Atlantic Research and Development Platform
for biofungicides and biostimulants for agriculture

With BioNASPA 12 partners from SMEs, university laboratories, research centres, major farming companies and food retailers have combined their competences in discovering and developing new biomolecules from biomass available in the European-Atlantic region (seaweeds, microalgae, marine plants, weeds) to control key crop diseases or stimulate crops grown in the regions, mitigating the effects of environmental stress and reducing the fertiliser footprint.

The program comprises four clusters of activities:

Bio Separation

Develop techniques to separate novel bioactives from marine & coastal biomass sources.

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Bio Production

Optimize the production processes and formulation of novel active compounds for agricultural use.

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Bio Protection

Glasshouse & Field trials of the bio-products on critical pathogens or as biostimulants for key crops.

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Bio LifeCycle

Evaluate life cycle of the products and novel crop production methods to optimise applications.

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